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Oromia Justice Sector Professionals Training and Legal Research Institute


OROMIA LAW JOURNAL (OLJ), hosted by Oromia Justice Sector Professionals Training and Legal Research Institute, is annually published journal and a member of AFRICAN JOURNALS ONLINE. At present, it is collecting contributions for its next issuance.  As such, the journal invites any interested professionals/academic scholars to submit their writings under the following submission guidelines.

I.   Scope

Submissions should be articles (not published elsewhere) related to legal, economic, political and social issues arising in relation to Oromia, Ethiopian, and other related International Laws. Contributions could also be other works such as essays, comments on legislation, book reviews, court cases (with or without comments). However, contributions dealing with practical problems of judicial and prosecution offices of Oromia National Regional State may be given priority.

II.   Criteria

1. Contributions may be submitted in Afaan Oromo, English or Amharic.

2. Submissions shall be computer typed, 1.5 space, in 12 font, Times New Roman: foot notes in 10 font, 1.0 space, Times New Roman (for Afaan Oromo & English). These considerations also work for Amharic submissions except that the font size for the foot note is 9.

3. The length of a contribution shall not exceed 30 pages for articles and essays. Other contributions like book reviews, case comments, etc shall range from five to ten pages.

4. The contribution should be organized into title, abstract, introduction, body and conclusion.

5. Footnotes should be numbered consecutively with superscript Arabic numerals in the text.


III. Financial Incentive


The Institute pays 4000.00-6000.00 Ethiopian birr for selected article depending upon its quality and number of pages.  For other contributions (case comments, book reviews, and legislation comments) the Institute pays 1000.00 Ethiopian birr.

IV.  Deadline for Submission


The deadline for submission of contributions for the 8th   issuance is January 30, 2011 E.C. or February 10, 2019.  Contributions submitted after this date will be considered for the next issue of the Journal.        

V.  To Whom It Is Submitted


A contribution may be submitted to the Editorial Committee ( OR Research Directorate Director ( in soft copy.


        For further information:


                            Tel. :  +251 9 13 87 24 (Mob.) OR +251 12 17 75 82

                             P.O.Box: Oromia Justice Sector Professionals Training and Legal Research Institute 

                                        Research Directorate

                                                                     P.O. Box 1238 

                                                                      Adama, Ethiopia

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