Establishment and Objectives of Oromia Justice Sector Professionals Training and Legal Research Institute 

OJSPTLRI was established in 2007 by regulation as an autonomous institution financed by Oromia Regional Government. The Institute is accountable to the Oromia Supreme Court. The Institute is established with a view to alleviate the complex problems of the region’s justice system. The Institute also aim at:

  1. Producing sufficient and qualified legal professionals who have a firm stand to defend the constitutional order;

  2. Enabling the justice system of the region to build up itself with legal professionals of high competence and professional ethics and who will win public confidence for their commitment to serve the public;

  3. Bringing about co-ordinated and uniform service in the justice system based on the principles of rule of law, transparency, and accountability;

  4. Bringing about fair, efficient and effective system of justice in the region

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